The Importance of Web Analytics
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The Importance of Web Analytics

Posted on September 24th, 2013 by | Google+

analyticsAll activity happening on a website can be tracked with certain tools. Such tools are therefore excellent for monitoring performance and making the necessary changes wherever required. The process of web analytics involves collecting, measuring, and analyzing activity of users, which ultimately helps in achieving the objective of the website.

The Importance of Web Analytics

Without web analytics, there is no way of knowing how the website is performing, or whether the various strategies employed for promoting the website are working or not. Therefore, web analytics is indispensable for planning and executing SEO, marketing, and website design strategies.

Not all the Same

Since web analytics is a way of measuring various performance metrics, the website should have some specific objective, against which the performance can be measured. The function of web analytics will also differ depending on the nature of the website. For instance, if the website were selling a particular product, then its main objective would be to increase e-sale transactions.

What are the visitor’s intentions?

Hence, for such a website, web analytics would be used to study the activity of different visitors to the site, the performance of the landing page, whether SEO campaigns have showed any improvements in sales figures, and calculating the ROI. If the website is a blog, then web analytics would come handy in knowing the number of visitors, how many are return visitors, how many visitors have subscribed to the RSS feed and so on.

The function of web analytics does not end with only measurement, but extends to providing guidelines for forming different strategies. Web analytics will provide these guidelines by answering important questions such as:

  • What type of people are visiting the site?
  • What is the location of each visitor?
  • What is the activity of each visitor on the site?
  • When are people visiting your site, and which days have the heaviest traffic?
  • What device is used by the visitor to browse the site?

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