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Becoming a Better Blogger – Guest Post Trading

Posted on February 28th, 2014 by | Google+

post tradingBefore the latest updates to the Google search algorithms, guest posting was a great way to spread your link to relevant websites without working too hard for the privilege.  Unfortunately, many spammers began to notice the importance of backlinks, and would develop entire networks of sites that would post low-quality guest articles on multiple sites, using spinning software and stuffed with keywords.

Thankfully Google has caught on to these spammy tactics.  Not so thankfully, the value of backlinks just isn’t as important as it used to be anymore.  So, is there still value to guest post trading?  I think there is, and here’s why:

Name recognition – By contributing to a blog outside of your own, but in a relevant industry, you begin to grow your credibility as an industry expert.  While the link to your site may not hold much weight with Google, it could drive organic traffic directly to your site… and it could be highly coveted targeted traffic.

Authorship – As the concept of Google Authorship grows, many blog owners are implementing it to drive their search engine optimization efforts.  If you’re guest posting (and thus, getting a by-line) on another site, you’re improving your author rank, which in time will push posts authored by you (both on your own site and others) up the search engine results page.

While many industry experts, and even Google employees may be sounding the death knell for guest blogging, there are still some benefits, and I wouldn’t write it off completely.

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