Becoming a Better Blogger – Avoiding Bad Practices
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Becoming a Better Blogger – Avoiding Bad Practices

Posted on February 24th, 2014 by | Google+

keywordsLearning to become a better content creator is going to pay off in spades, though a few poorly constructed pieces can penalize your entire site, and negate your efforts.  Many so-called “SEO experts” will advise content creators to use tactics from the late 1990’s to improve your website, which can destroy your hard-earned rankings.  By avoiding the following pitfalls, you can continue to drive traffic and grow your website.

Avoid “keyword stuffing.”  In the 1990’s, the site that used the most instances of the word “mesothelioma,” would rank number one on the Google search results page, and the webmaster would make thousands of dollars each day.  In the mid-2000’s, other factors were taken into consideration, and it was recommended that your articles contain a 2% keyword density.  Last year, the Panda and Penguin updates turned the search world on it’s head, and now, Google is intelligent enough to determine the content of your article from just a few utterances of your keyword.

It’s also best to avoid writing “filler content.”  These are articles that serve no informational purpose other than to make your website look more active than it is.  Some SEO experts have also begun to notice that otherwise high-quality articles are suffering from negative effects on their website rankings due to adding “filler content.”  Being verbose for the sake of being verbose is no longer a viable strategy.

The key to high rankings in 2014 is simple – creating extremely high-quality, sharable content.

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