Becoming a Better Blogger – The Importance of Authorship
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Becoming a Better Blogger – The Importance of Authorship

Posted on March 2nd, 2014 by | Google+

authorshipHave you ever searched for something on Google and seen a photo of the author next to the search result?  This is the result of a relatively new feature called Google Authorship, and if you’re blogging, it’s something that you should jump on immediately.

Psychologically speaking, when someone is searching for a piece of content online, they’re going to click on the most attractive result.  If you have a picture next to your article, chances are that you’re going to get that click.  In addition to generating more clicks, there is evidence that authorship is going to drive search engine optimization over the next year or two.

How to sign up for Google Authorship

  • The first thing you’ll need is a Google Plus account.  If you don’t already have one (and if you’re blogging, you absolutely should), sign up ASAP.
  • Find instructions online for your blogging platform to install Google Authorship.  For most popular blogging platforms (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) it’s simply the matter of installing a plugin and filling out some basic information.
  • You’ll have to verify your account with Google Authorship, which is a simple matter of getting an email sent to your official email address, registered to the same domain name as your blog.  Other options include meta tag and link placement.

Within a few days of completing this step, your search results will begin to feature your Google Plus default image.  It’s important to use a real photo of your face, as Google has complex tracking tools, and will not permit brand logos or other images to appear in it’s search results.

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