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Website Design for Users and the Bots

Posted on August 28th, 2013 by | Google+

webdesign_imgIn many ways website design is still in a learning stage. Though many website designers have learned what works and what does not through trial and error, there are no clear cut guidelines for this field. One reason for this is the fast pace at which technology is changing, ensuring that the ground rules also keep altering. However, in spite of the constant flux in technology and the needs of marketing departments, there are a few elements that should be considered integral to all website design.

Direct the Eye

The website design should direct the eye of the reader to the most important information quickly. This can be achieved by starting at the top left corner where most readers first look and providing text and graphics that help guide the reader to the next bit of information. For this website designers can use color, font size, and white space.


Most readers are attracted to bright colors, so the website design should use these colors for the most important information being presented. For instance, the USP of the product as well as the action to be taken should be in bright colors, while the disclaimers and basic product description can be in softer colors.

Font Size

Another way of assigning importance to a particular piece of information on the website during the design process is to use larger size for them. The most important text can use large size font and larger pictures or images can help draw attention to themselves.

White Space

While color and size are used to draw attention to important information, they need to be presented in contrast to the less important information. As such a marvelous and type of website design requires the use of pale colors, small sizes, and white space. The white space adds a touch of class and provides relief as well. This space assures the reader that they are not being hustled but rather soothes them. This is essential to build a level of trust in the brand and product.

While space can be in actually white or any other pale color. It is used between lines as line spacing, between the text and images to demarcate them, and also in other areas of the page.


With a plethora of devices now available to access the website, the design has to take into consideration the varying screen sizes that will display the website. To ensure that the reader is not inconvenienced by the website design, the majority of the design should be linear. This will ensure that the site looks fantastic not only on a large computer monitor, but on a tablet.

Ease of Loading

While it is technically feasible to create a website design with a lot of different details, this can reduce page loading times and lose customer interest. As such the best website designs have simple elements that can attract and hold the attention of the viewer long enough to convey pertinent information. The design should rely on only a few elements to grab the attention of the viewer.

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