2 Important On Page and Off Page Optimization Tips for Local Search
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2 Important On Page and Off Page Optimization Tips for Local Search

Posted on October 31st, 2012 by | Google+

Local SEO is necessary for dominating local search results and attracting local customers.

You probably already know this, but it definitely needs reiteration in the light of this Search Engine Land survey that looked at user behavior in local search.

Two important findings of this study were

(a)  59% consumers use Google every month to locate a good local business

(b)  71% of the searchers found information they got via local searches valuable.


Customers are looking for you online. Make sure you are easily found with local SEO

So optimizing for local search is important, but

How Do You Optimize for Local Search?

Here are some important on-page and off-page local SEO optimization tips that you can use.

2 Important On-Page Optimization Tips for Local SEO

  1. Using the Right Keyword

Keywords for local search are different from what you would use for ranking in regular Google search. ‘Geo-specific keywords’ is the way to go for local SEO. Using ‘detective services Fremont’ as your keyword is more effective than ‘detective services’, which is highly competitive and will not bring you relevant traffic.

  1. Optimizing Title and Meta Descriptions

Use your chosen keyword in the title tags, and meta descriptions, because these are highlighted in the search results, reiterating to searchers that yours is a business in the local area they are looking for.

Let us consider this example of an air conditioning repair company in Seattle, which has effectively optimized the keyword ‘air conditioning repair Seattle’ in the title and meta tags for best results.


2 Important Off-Page Optimization Techniques for Local Search

  1. Local Directory Listings

Listing your business on popular local directories is important for two reasons. First, many people directly search in these directories, rather than Google. Secondly, the directories themselves rank high in the organic results. So if you are trying to rank for a particularly difficult term and are unable to climb high, you can ride piggyback on the local search directories.

And don’t forget to list your business on the local search listings of the Google, Yahoo and Bing too. Here is a helpful list of top 10 directories you must list on for dominating local search.

  1. Build Local Links

Links are crucial for SEO, and when you have links from relevant local authorities, your local SEO gets a boost.

Be a guest blogger for popular local bloggers and link back to your site. Press releases in local media will earn you valuable backlinks from them. Participate in local activities, conduct a community event or donate to a local charity. Soon, you will find prominent local associations and media mentioning you and linking back to your website.

All these count towards enhancing your local search rankings.

These are just 4 tips for boosting local SEO. There are many more. Why don’t you share some techniques you have used?

Our Guest blogger today is: Yasir Khan and is the Founder of Quantum SEO Labs. A keen internet marketer, Yasir loves experimenting with SEO strategies and techniques to offer maximum value to clients.

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