Does your Google+ About section really reflect who you are?
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Does your Google+ About section really reflect who you are?

Posted on September 13th, 2012 by | Google+

If one considers the importance of an About Us page for a business and the benefits it conveys,  imagine what it can do for your personal image.

Most users don’t pay much attention to their about section on their social media pages, which is a shame, since it actually plays such a vital role when introducing yourself to the digital world. It’s understandable, most people you connect with already know who you are. This may be okay for pages like Facebook, but in other social media platforms like Google+ where you interact with individuals who don’t know who you are.

Complete your profile– First off, … post a photo, preferably of yourself. People like to talk to a person they can see. Put information that’s important: location, let them know where you are, I don’t mean your exact address. Occupation, maybe they can use your services or you can help them out with business related questions. Add web sites you contribute or work with, show off your skills.

Express yourself– the more open you are, the more confortable people will feel and predispose to follow you and interact. People who feel you’re an easy and open person, are more willing to socialize and share information.

Filling out your about section does not mean you have to post all your private information for everyone to have access to it. It’s about giving your followers an idea of what kind of personality you have, what you like, and what categories you may be knowledgeable in. People are more interested in this, than knowing how many children you have and where you went to high school.

At the begging many users  do fill out the “about section”. They either give the basic information required or they place information that, honestly, is irrelevant. With time they often neglect it and don’t even update it. You may not consider this important but adding accomplishments and up-to-date information can be beneficial.

When drafting  your about section in Google+ put “what circles you want to be placed in” in your introduction section. Topics like Blogging, Movies, Gaming, Food, Traveling, etc. Most people could have circles similar to yours and can easily add you (Tip: place links to your circles, this not only tells people your interests it makes it easy for them to just click and be part of them).

Keep yourself relevant– Try to post daily in your ‘circles’. Make sure your material is your own and interesting, not just re-shares of others. Use pictures, G+ appreciates pictures. Interact with your connections, you never know when the flow of information can be beneficial.

Investing time now on your about sections can benefit you in the long run and give a great accurate impression about who you really are. What does your about section say about you?

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