SEO Kama Sutra, Positioning Yourself on Top
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SEO Kama Sutra, Positioning Yourself on Top

Posted on September 5th, 2012 by | Google+

Finding the right business online is like finding your soul mate; it is not easy and at times can be disappointing. You know they’re out there, but where? And when you come across them, how will you know it’s the right one? As a business or an individual you may be the best choice. But if you can’t be found you’ll never find the right person to grow with. But fear not, there is hope; it’s called SEO. Consider SEO your “Hitch” to finding your perfect match.

Obtaining professional SEO that drives results can be tricky but not impossible. As in every market there are numerous choices out there. Today finding the right SEO company is not hard and those who know what they are doing will have satisfied clients and a high reputation.  a strong indication they are good at what they do is how easy you found them in search engines and how quickly they captured your attention. Great SEO will start building your rep; this will get you noticed and steadily establish your online credibility.

kamaJust remember what mom used to say, “it’s what’s inside that counts”, that means content. Brand yourself so that the audience will desire what you offer and fall in love with you. In business, like in socializing, one must understand people. Letting people know that you’re informed about their needs and desires will capture their attention and create trust. Depending on your business, an expert SEO company will know how to get you that trust and on top of the search engines.

Hanging out with the right players.

Positioning your business in the worlds largest search engines can be hard if you don’t bump shoulders with the right people. Hanging out and being seen with the popular media players can raise your online status. Players like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and popular Blogs can make the difference between being left outside and sitting at the V.I.P table. With help from your SEO company you or your business can start making a name for yourselves and quickly climb the search engine ladder. Besides considering the most common social media tools out there, lets take a look at a few fast growing players that are changing the game.

Google+ a great example of a friend you definitely want to have. Having your profile on Google+ is like knowing the owner of a club. He will hook up for the hottest parties, give you preferred entrance and introduce you to the right people. But knowing the owner is not enough he must like you. He will see how popular your circle of friends is. Do you have a strong social presence? Being proactive with your Google+ account builds your reputation in the worlds largest search engines. It keeps you informed of all the different changes occurring in your specific environment. Knowledge that can later benefit your business. Actively being part of Google + solidifies your popularity in diverse circles and strengthens the extent of your business as a professional reference in your specific field. Don’t underestimate this social tool; it has more usefulness than you think.

Triberr is the “I know a guy” friend. Great for finding the right person for your specific needs and taking twitter into a whole new dimension. Triberr will get you noticed outside your circle of friends. For those not familiar with Triberr it works on the “you scratch my back, ill scratch yours” system.  Basic respectful networking that is based on the system of sharing information, online assistance and content generation. A Social community that values quality and not quantity.

Blogs: Never underestimate small niche Bloggers and underground cult eNewsletters. Many have a vast loyal following that trust them and hold in high regard all the information they offer. They can control how your business is seen and can easily disregard your rep. Depending on your business those small groups of “outcasts” can be your ticket to tapping those small but lucrative markets. Consider this, all the big online influencers and tech gurus started out small, good content and loyalty will pay off in the long run.

Meeting expectations

Now that you got their attention you need to take it to the next level. Put your money where your mouth is. Can you move like the pros? Will you be able to keep the demands and not disappoint? Remember, you can’t just be a pretty face that will only get you so far. People will talk about you and it’s basic knowledge that positive feedback will attract more people. Recognition is as important as effectiveness. The same players that validated you will be keeping an eye on you. Stick with what you do best. Keep your essence and let your company be itself.

SEO Services will get you out there, but your business must have GAME. Keep up with trends and utilize the tools out there. These are the elements that will make you the perfect partner. Just remember in business, like in relationships, one must nurture them and keep the excitement or you’ll just become a one-night stand. And like many, you’ll find yourself doing the walk of shame.

Where in the search engine hierarchy is your business located? Do people see you as “just a friend” or are you the one they are never going to let go.

Thank you for considering Absolute as your affordable SEO company. I know you have several options in SEO Services for your website placement and hope you let us earn your business. I promise to be part of your project and to treat it as if it were my own. After all, "IT IS". Though Absolute does reserve the right to decline your website project, we look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Bates | President | Google+