SEO : 10 Link Building Tips
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SEO : 10 Link Buiding Tips

Posted on March 17th, 2012 by | Google+

In this modern day, the internet is very much world wide. We live and breath this technology and are spoiled by its ease of use. Most of us use the internet in our daily lives. Whether it’s used just to check your Facebook or to gather more information on a particular subject. There is an infinite amount on information on the internet and it is ever-changing. Now, in this age, we have utilized the internet and its information processing abilities for more than just entertainment. It has become a place for business and marketing.  It is a place to build your business, to spread the word to the public about your services and to gain clientele. This is where SEO and link building come into place.

If you were to search “air conditioning repair, Dallas” on a popular search engine website, you would have dozens upon dozens of links pop up. The majority of those links would be of business’ websites who specialize in air conditioning repair. This is a prime example of link building. What those first websites that popped up have done, is they have successfully made their website “visible” by getting high rankings from search engines through link building. Link building is the process of connecting your website to other websites and other websites to yours in order to gain popularity , or make it visible. The goal is to make your website one of those first few websites to pop up when someone searches for something relating to your business.

In order to get these high rankings to make your website visible,  you have to match all of the qualifications set by certain search engine sites such as Google or Bing. This is called an algorithm. Your website would need a good reputation, a high popularity on your page and a high number of pages linking to and from your page and so on and so on.  The number of links to your website are similar to the number of votes you have in ranking. This is what search engine optimization is all about. Search engines have a specific formula that websites have to match in order to have high rankings.

That is the ultimate goal here at Absolute Placement Today, Inc. We want to make your business’ website visible. We have come together to make 10 tips on how to improve your link building and to gain the highest of rankings and visibility through Affordable SEO Services.

1)      Create good content. Yes, this may seem quite obvious, but it is so very important. You must have interesting, useful or perhaps entertaining writing that is citation worthy. This will bring all the right attention to your website.

2)      Create content that can be shared. Use photographs or videos which can be shared by others to the rest of the world that link back to your original website. People will re-post your videos on their websites or share it with others if your content is informative or interesting, which will bring viewers to your website.

3)      Use anchor text. This was said to be one of the most important tips in link building by google. Anchor text is the visible text that you click in a hyperlink.  Include key words in your texts such as  the name of your company or the service you provide.

4)      Write content for people who skim read. That includes big headlines that are representative of your content and are eye catching. Create an easy, bulk free and cluster free layout. Visually pleasing websites tend to be very popular.

5)      Only link to trusted domains. You only want to link to trustworthy websites and have only trustworthy websites linked to you. If you link to a website with low rankings, this could make your website have low rankings as well.

6)      Involve yourself with your community. Perhaps, create a blog say every Friday to reach out to your community members. You could post a how to video or just answer common questions in an FAQ. This gets your name out there and makes your name a good one.

7)      Get your URL out there! Email bloggers your URL. Use your URL as part of your email signature. Put it on business cards! There are a multitude of ways to spread your URL. Use it with everything you do.

8)      Partner link. Use a small number of trusted, highly relevant websites to partner link with. Share eachother’s links on your websites.

9)      Submit your links to directories. This can be a great way to get your business out there whether it requires or does not require payment. There are millions of eyes out looking through directories.

10)   Use the social media websites! Almost everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account. These are all places where your popularity can reach sky heights. Your likes on Facebook or your Tweets and followers on Twitter all relate to your high rankings. The more people who link to you, the more votes you have in rankings.

The internet has become the most widely used tactic for marketing. It is a gold mine. But like mining for gold, it takes a lot of digging to reach. Search engine optimization is a science and link building is an art. Big search engine websites like google want what is called “natural looking” websites, or organically linked websites. Which means doing all of the hard, dirty work like using the social media, sending your link out to internet bloggers and reaching out to the community. Although it may seem like it would take too long, you never want to buy from companies who promise to give you thousands of links instantly because those big search engines can spot that type of paid endorsing  a mile away.  Websites who pay their way to the top do not ever get there. There is a recipe used to get your website to the top of Google’s search list. Through organic link building, it is possible to make your company larger than life. It is possible to have eyes from all over the world looking at your business’ website. We at Absolute Placement Today, Inc. specialize in just that. We are here to link build your website to number one.

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