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Link Building For Google Freshness

Posted on November 20th, 2011 by | Google+

So, PRE “FRESHNESS” good link building has always been a creative and critical ingredient to getting websites good placement in the major search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo.. And it still is. We all know that gaining good “strong” niche related links can often be a daunting task. Freshness has made it even more difficult, but with a little creativeness you will be just fine…

Link building with Press Releases

Press Release links are dated, and if you find your press has a short shelf life, that’s because it is NEWS. News, unless it is continued and ongoing is OLD NEWS. And as the PRESS / News ages, the link from it too will age then go away “LEAVE THE INDEX OF GOOGLE” … In short, the link juice from the press will die with the press…

Diversify your link building. If you are getting links from articles and press alone, you are forced to write “every day”.. Going  forward, with Freshness as part of the algorithm, Social networking and blogging is a must. If you are a blogger, or service provider, you should consider the use of “FeedBurner”. Not only does FeedBurner, help with all your blog feeds, but is owned by Google….. With a 100 million dollar investment in 2007, it is likely a major player in the game of finding new and “FRESH” content on the web. Understand, Google has more than 500 adjustments to this years algo update. Fresh Links are NOT the only update….

Link building options:

Keep your content Fresh. Don’t get too comfortable with your search engine placement. Google has made a huge change in about 35% of all search terms. If your website has lost traction, its likely from a lack of either FRESH LINKS, you lost links from them being de-indexed, or your competition simply has fresher content. We are seeing websites “SOME GOOD and SOME GARBAGE now ranking for terms they clearly should not be ranking for.

Here are a couple tips to regain that placement

Compare your links here:
Look at the link volume today VS PRE “FRESHNESS” November 3, 2011. If you have a drop in links, you likely lost either article or PR link juice and need to get busy writing.

Blog Exchange And Guest Writing.

If you are not selling your business no one is right? Wrong…..  This will take some time, but is worth it…. Find a niche related site, make REAL NON SPAMMY contact with the site owner, and get to know each other. Then of course get to writing for each other……

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