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Tip: Keywords Make or Break Your Blog Posts

Posted on August 10th, 2011 by | Google+

You know how important keywords are to your overall site optimization.  What you may not know is the importance they play in making your blog posts get found and indexed.  Here are 2 simple tips to follow to get the biggest SEO boost out of any blog post:

1. Identify Your Keywords: This is ALWAYS the first step of SEO. It may go without saying that the more general a keyword is, the more difficult it will be to gain organic recognition ( for example “credit repair” would be more difficult to rank for than “fix my credit report Texas” ).   Some businesses make the mistake of guessing at what the keyword phrases are that they should target.   Google’s Keyword Tool can help you show you the competitiveness of specific keywords.   A professional SEO Services provider can supply you with a keyword silo to focus your topics of blogging on as well.

2. Optimizing Your Blog Content for Your Keywords: The most important places to include keywords on any page of your site are in the page title, the URL, and the H1 (Header) tags.  And if you can throw in a link or two that is titled the same as your target phrase and points to the main page of the site you’re promoting; that’s always a plus.

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Tom Bates | President | Google+